Tomorrow….next week… month…..

That’s how I have been postponing writing my first piece of work or technically, a blog.

Time was never ripe for it in the plethora of things at hand. Or maybe there were some other plausible reasons….

Writing always had two variants for me. Firstly, business writing, which constituted preparing long documents as warranted by my corporate job and secondly (and more interestingly), writing for myself- my personal space, my diary, my secrets, my views and feelings which I wasn’t comfortable sharing with anyone.

When I was single, I regularly maintained my diary. It was like my best friend, with whom I could share anything. But you cannot even imagine in your wildest and scariest dreams, how life changes when your status changes from “Single” to “Married”. Your diary gets pushed to one extreme corner of your bookshelf or gets hidden somewhere where no one can lay his/her hands on it (especially your partner). So, eventually your habit dies a silent death.

I always thought of writing a book on my thoughts and feelings but never got the time to do so in the hustle and bustle of my busy “married” life, blessed with motherhood.

I know it sounds like an unhappy tale of a woman caught in her daily chores.


That’s the feeling that inspired me to take charge of my life and start pursuing my long cherished dream of writing. I didn’t want to end up like hundreds of other women caught up in this stage of life, following the dreams of their family.

So where do I start from?

And I drew a blank.

Characters, plot, opening lines, climax…. all were ringing bells in my head. But I decided to hold my horses and hone my skills as this time I wasn’t writing for myself but for an audience.

I wasn’t writing for myself.

I wasn’t writing for myself? What? Why?

Writing had been my passion because my diary always handled my feelings with tender care. It never judged me or my thoughts or my feelings. It never got angry with me or disowned me when I poured my heart in words.It was an unconditional love. I could share my happiness, my sorrows, my pain, my love, my gratitude and everything which was not suitable for discussion with my parents, my family or my friends.My freedom of expression was the gravitational force behind my writing. It was the only place in the world where I was not answerable for a sudden change in temperature from a high negative to a high positive or vice-versa.

These thoughts brought clarity to my style of writing. I wanted to have a freedom in writing. I wouldn’t write what others approve of but what my heart feels for.

With this clarity of thought, I decided to embark the journey of writing!!!