I asked her out as I had a doubt,

I knew she loved me; did she really?

I held her hand; I looked into her eyes;

I took a breath, I meant no surprise.

I simply said without disguise,

“You are my love, you are my life.”


She looked as though, she got a blow,

I felt a little low but she wasn’t slow.

She took no time to say she’s mine,

She swiftly took her glass of wine.

She said so much with her wavering lips,

I read so much in her eyes and tips.


She went too far in her words of love,

It was more than truth, it wasn’t true love!!

I searched for truth, I yearned for trust,

What I saw in her eyes was pure lust.

I could feel her heart through her eyes, I knew;

When I peeped inside, it was nothing new.


I wasn’t anywhere, in her heart or life,

The words she said were more than a lie.

She meant no truth, she meant no love,

She wasn’t love bird, she was just a dove.


I looked at her, I had a surprise,

I simply said without disguise,

You are my love; you are NOT my life,

You are my love; you are NOT my life!!