The sun was bright, but there was no light.

The sky was clear, yet my mind was gripped with fear.

The birds were flying, but my heart was crying.

The day was new, yet my hopes were few.

My heart was full, my spirits were low,

My mind was numb, it got a blow.

My life was arid, my life was slow,

There was no hope, there was no glow.


I gaped at flowers, I stared at trees,

I gazed at hills, I followed the seas.

I glanced at stars, I awed at moon,

I implored the nature, it blessed me soon!!

positive thinking_Wirawat Lian-udom

The sun, the stars, the moon in the sky,

Never fail to shine, never quit or slide by.

The celestials guide, when you are low or high,

“Is it a blessing?” I asked with a sigh!


The blooming flowers, the magnanimous trees,

The majestic mountains, the invigorating seas,

The glory, the humility, the vibrance in these,

The beauty and bounty, do we really see?


The serenity, tranquility of nature is a beam;

Mesmerizing and promising, they always seem.

I learned vitality, I learned to gleam,

The zeal and credence, to live my dream!!!