I am a unique creation of the Lord, Almighty.


I am a new beginning every morning,

I am hope when it’s storming.

I am a dreamer and I follow my dream,

I am courageous and I flow with the stream.


I am elated when loved,

I am ecstatic when cared.

I am a true friend and I value friendship,

I am trustworthy and I take pride in it.


I am honest, I am loyal….. to others and to myself,

I am conscientious yet I queer myself.

I am emotional and I am sensitive,

I am strong yet I am receptive.


I am humble, I am polite,

I am concerned at other’s plight.

I am a believer…..a believer in truth, the highest tower,

I am a believer of God and His majestic power.


I am an aesthete….

I am music….music that enlivens me… energizes me…makes me complete.

I am not adventurous but I love to explore new path,

I am a well wisher….I am good at heart.


I am a reader, I am a writer,

I am endurance, I am a fighter.

I am silence, I am the noise,

I am tolerant, I am the voice.


I am sad when someone feels pain,

I am glad when someone reaps gain.

I am an admirer of nature…it gives me guidance, hope and light,

I am the pledge I take every day to be healthy and bright.


I am relationship…I am a bond of love,

I am a loving wife… a caring mother and all of the above.

I am a woman, and proud to be one,

I am what I am and I am the only one!!!!