When you are feeling sad and low,

And your hopes have got a blow,

When your mind is gripped with fear,

And your eyes are filled with tears,

When your world seems to end,

All the roads have a bend,

There’s nothing YOU can mend,

All you need is a friend!!!


A friend lifts your spirit,

A friend needs no merit.

A friend is a treasure,

A friend needs no measure.

A friend knows no rules,

A friend needs no jewels.

A friend is all ears,

A friend always cheers!!




A friend makes you smile,

When the world awaits to wile.

A friend will inspire,

When the world will conspire.

A friend will motivate,

When the world will intimidate.

A friend will always believe,

You may fail or achieve.


A friend stands by,

When your love says good bye.

A friend is your guide,

In whom you can confide.

A friend will encourage,

When there’s lot to discourage.

A friend will support,

You may retort or abort.


We move on in life, we follow the tide,

Do we remember the friends that helped us glide?

We make new friends, in our own stride,

What about the old pal, who was my pride?

We shared our secrets, the moments we lied,

Where is that connect now, why this divide?

The friend who was there, I sighed or cried,

Is he waiting for me to come by his side?


Friends can argue, friends can fight,

But they give you hope, they show you light.

Friends live in heart; they may be out of sight,

Friends are memories that hold you tight.

Friends will dare for you, with all their might,

Friends are never busy; they can chat all night.

Friends can always tell, you’re wrong or right,

Friends are rare gems, they can turn things bright!!