I saw a man learning to drive,

With just one leg, he had to strive,

He never gave up, he yearned to thrive,

He never lost hope, he wished to survive,

That’s optimism, that’s being alive.


A young child with a hole in his heart,

Smile on his face is a beauty apart,

Courage and endurance, this angel imparts,

Trust and faith being his counterpart,

That’s optimism, that’s a restart.


A successful woman with a lot on stake,

Lost everything to the game of fate,

She struggles, tolerates but never hesitates,

Her confidence to liberate her own estate,

That’s optimism, that’s to accelerate.


An old woman who lives next door,

Her only son is now no more,

She does her floor, she goes to store,

But she trusts Him, she’ll never implore,

That’s optimism, that’s to restore.


When we doubt ourselves, trapped in criticism,

When time and fate lead to cynicism,

We are shattered, broken and full of skepticism,

But our will power and strength and our altruism,

With our faith and hope can obliterate pessimism

That’s optimism, that’s optimism!!!