Routines, responsibilities, behavior, respect, affection….Don’t we end up managing these all the time?

In our society, all these are considered as positive traits of a person.

But are you the one who is often burdened by the responsibilities?

Do you feel these are unnecessary controls that have been imposed on us?

Do you feel like setting yourself free from this bond of love and the duty that comes with it like a shadow?

Well, this thought sneaked into my mind too. Then I imagined how the world would be if we all have our own way in life…..,if we all have the liberty to do whatever we desire….Wow!! What a life would it be!!!

Do you wish to board the ship of my dreams to fantasize how beautiful and peaceful our life could be then?

Do you really think life would be a chocolate ice-cream with lots of toppings on it, if all these controls or burdens are taken off our shoulders?

Do you feel that life would have been heaven if you were allowed to plan it yourself?

Ok, let me guess…you said “Yes”….to most of those questions!!!

Alright! Now imagine a situation where God allows each one of us to plan our life as we desire. So the entire population on earth, (mind you, that means trillions and trillions of people!!!) can plan their tomorrow, rather the very next moment AS THEY DESIRE!!


So, if you are planning to go and relax at Miami Beach tomorrow, so is the plan of thousands of other people!

If you are planning to spend your day with your family tomorrow, despite it being a working day, you better bear in mind that your husband and family also have the liberty to plan their day!

Don’t fret if your kids are planning to watch a movie with their friends instead (the same movie you don’t want them to see yet!).

Also, your husband just realized that he hasn’t taken time off with his parents lately (Oh! his ever so grouchy mom!)

But oh no! His parents had the privilege of planning their day too. So, off they went to a vacation to New Jersey!!

But, Oh dear me! There is no support staff in the flight they boarded!!! Wondering why?

You guessed it right. They didn’t feel like coming! They had their own plans……

But you still decide to have it your way. So, here you are headed towards a cafeteria.

Believe it or not…..,the entire town is on the road!!!

(Reminder: Everyone has the right to plan his day!!!)

escape-710903__180 (1)

No one is willing to follow his routine…..or to be his good self…or to behave in a socially acceptable manner…..

All banks are closed (“Everybody has millions of dollars in his account except me. I wish I could run away with this money some day!!! Oh Yes, I can …I can do what I want….”, thinks the bank teller);

All supermarkets are shut down (“This inventory is never tallied….I want to get the hell out of this place!!!”);

No chefs in restaurants (“I have been cooking my entire life, you creep!!! Now don’t you cook me up…”);

Hospitals resounding with patient woes (“How can so many people fall sick every day? When they can’t take care of themselves, they come here. I feel like throwing up when I clean their filthy bodies…);

Traffic jams around the city, cars parked in the middle of the road (“I have wasted half of my life following these red and green signals and paying these parking tickets…enough of this!!”);

Communication lines go off, remember, the staff can plan its day too! (“I am sick of this sedentary lifestyle. I want to freak out today!”);

Schools, day care centers, all declare a holiday (“These parents cannot take care of one child themselves and they expect us to handle this entire gang of mischievous monkeys affectionately!”);

And hey…isn’t that my hubby Sammy with his ex-wife???? How dare he??

And who’s that…that’s my neighbor Nancy kissing her brother in law!!!

Who is hiding behind that tree???

Oh My God!! Mom you too!!! And isn’t he your college friend Danny??? Dad will be mad when he sees you both together. But wait a minute, where is Dad? Isn’t that Dad surrounded by girls in their bikinis? God please give me courage to bear all this!!!

And that girl on the trampoline…hey that’s my daughter Jennie with that grumpy Lark…Haven’t I told her hundreds of times to stay away from him?

Oh God! What else is left to be seen????

What’s happened to this city?

How can everyone seem so indifferent????

(Reminder: Everyone can plan his own life…)

And wait a minute….not just this….


What! Yipee!

Let me peep into my future….

“Sammy, what were you doing with your ex-wife?”

“Hey, we were just hanging around….nothing else. Why don’t you take a look at Jennie? I saw her with that belligerent Lark yesterday.”

“Oh Yes! Jennie! Jennie!”

Jennie is nowhere to be found!!

“Honey, there’s no grocery in the house. Can you order from the Super mart please?”

“I tried sweetie. No one is answering the call.”

“My boss is shouting at me. I need to finish this article today. Can you take care of the dishes, honey?”

“Oh yes, sure darling! I just resigned. You are the bread earner of the house now!”

“What? Why? When?”

“Relax sweetie. I never liked that job. I’ll find another one in a couple of months. I need a break, darling.”

“A couple of months? What about the EMI and the school fees and all the bills and…..”

Well, well, well!

That was just a glimpse of what could happen if we ALL became masters of our behavior (Remember, not just you, but EVERYBODY). That was the lighter side of things.

Imagine the scenario when such liberty is given to all the anti social elements, the gangsters, the terrorists, the politicians and so on.

What would happen to the law and order of the society?

Wouldn’t relationships get more entangled?

Wouldn’t we lose faith, hope and trust in all our systems?

Would that be a better survival strategy?

What about the development which has marked the evolution of the civilization?


Time to use the life boat….my ship is about to sink!!!!

“This day dreaming is a sheer waste of time, I tell you…

I guess I better get back to my work. I am lagging behind my schedule already. I need to pick up my sweet little angels from school, then check my mom’s health too…supper is also not ready yet…but I love the way my whole day is planned” 🙂

See!! The reality is far better than we think it is. We fail to appreciate the hidden treasure of happiness, peace, love and affection that life offers us. It has become a part of our natural being, so we take it for granted and never value it.

Do we want to go back and live our lives without any control, discipline and organization?

I know… you answered no 🙂