With Mother’s Day round the corner, I would like to dedicate this poem to all the mothers in this blogging community and especially to my own Mom ! 


A light in the darkness,

A hope in blurredness,

A rainfall in the desert,

A solace in discomfort,

Yes Mother! That’s you.

Oh Mother! I adore you.


You hold the torch when I need guidance,

You instill perseverance when I lose patience,

You impart tolerance when I seek vengeance,

You provide support when I lack confidence.


You teach me humility when pride surrounds me,

You teach me serenity when anger surmounts me,

You teach me to love when my friends despise me,

You teach me to trust when I lose faith in me.


You lead me to opportunities, when I am just about to quit.

You preach me sense and wisdom, when I take the path to wit.

You advice learning from mistakes, when I refuse to admit.

You simplify the problems, when I am diffident to commit.


You are an archangel, a paradise on earth!

You are an incarnation of God who gave me birth!

You are a blessing, an epitome of love!

You are the only one, who values my worth!