Today I have written the poem based on word and form prompt given on Day 2 of Poetry 101 course of Blogging University. The word provided is “Face” and the device recommended is alliteration. Alliteration is all about using the same consonant multiple times in close proximity.



Sitting silently staring at sea,

Cheerful cherubic child was he,

Ecstatic eyes, expecting eagerly,

Flat fair face framing fantasy.


What a witty way,

Prying to play,

Creating castles,

Making merry.


Smile so serene,

Lovely like lilies,

His hopeful heart,

Faring freely.


Ignorant, innocent infant was he,

Angelic, adorable and arrogance free,

Fearless, felicitous, friendly face,

Genuinely, a gift , by God’s grace!