Today’s post is in response to the Day 4 prompt “Journey” given by Poetry 101 course of Blogging University.


The journey of life began with my first cry in this world…

From mother’s lap to the floor,

From cradle to the door,

With a desire to feel that shining surface,

Where my mother embraced me with such grace,

I started to crawl…I was so enthralled

I touched the white marble with my hands and feet

I licked it to see if it tasted better than milk…


I now wanted to stand on my own two feet,

Holding my hand, my mom cheered me.

I tried, I fell but I stood up in no time,

And tried again, as no fear stood prime.

I could stand, I could walk and I could run, I believed,

I was thrilled at the new milestones I had achieved…


It was a long way; I grew each day,

I learned each day, transformed each day,

From a child to a teen, from loving to mean,

From caring to egoistic, from innocent to a skeptic,

From family to friends, from doll house to boyfriends,

From respect to offence, from apology to revenge…


On way to adulthood, from game to fame,

Where gadgets and dollars was the rule of the game,

From fantasy to reality, was like a thunderbolt,

From liberty to accountability, I wished to abort!

I turned ambitious to gain individuality,

I was suddenly mature to value humanity!


The journey of a seed to a plant to a tree,

Was akin to my voyage to set myself free.

The love and care, the struggles and pain,

Nurtured me to dance in rain, to learn to sustain.

The learning and progression continues till age,

Each journey is a story, each day is a page!