This post is based on Day 6 prompts given by Poetry 101 course of Blogging University. We have to use Enjambment technique to write a poem on theme “Screen”.

Enjambment is all about the arrangement of words on the screen (or page, as the case may be), and how that arrangement affects the pace of our reading. It describes a really simple phenomenon: when a grammatical sentence stretches from one line of verse to the next. I would encourage you to read more about this technique here. I found it quite interesting!

Here’s my take:


The world is so hooked up

To screens; that have changed

The lives of

Adults and teens.


From books to

Games, from weather to

Names; from news

To sports, from history to

Reports; from calculations

To analysis, from cancer to

Dialysis; from sex

To kids, from sales to

Bids; from shopping

To blogging, from singing to

Dancing; from chatting

To tweeting, from friendship to

Creeping; from Google

To Facebook, from movies to

Cookbook; all is a

Gift of

Screens; that have changed

The lives of

Adults and teens


I am so glad to be

Born in this

Era of gadgets, where

Everything starts with

An “e”, e-commerce, e-

Learning, e-shopping, e-

Rail; e-booking, e-

Governance, e-business, e-

Trail. I wish to be

Alive to see the

Twist; when e-marriage

And e-kids are added

To the list!

You are branded


Imprudent and lame, if you

Don’t use a

Screen to achieve some