This post is based on prompts given on Day 9 of Poetry 101 course of Blogging University. We are required to write a poem on landscape or any of its elements. The poetic device suggested is Apostrophe. It occurs when the speaker in the poem addresses another person or an object (usually personified) directly.

Here’s my take at using Apostrophe for Rain:


The tiny droplets of water,

Emanating from heaven above…

You are a blessing of Almighty,

You are a shower of His love.



You quench the thirst of parched land,

You augment the aroma of gray sand,

You restore the virtue of pristine flowers,

You create magic with your divine powers.


Your gentle touch liberates,

Adds vigor to melancholic birds,

You provide vivacity to trees,

You rejuvenate my zeal.


You spread a dash of joy,

In every heart and soul,

We look upon at you,

For basics and grandeur.


You are a messenger for me,

Of those who are in heaven,

You will always be special to me,

I am twenty or forty-seven!