Today, I have used a tool called “Lipogram”.

Lipogram is a kind of constrained writing in which you restrict the use of certain letters usually a common vowel. It is much more difficult to avoid common letters like ET, or A, as the author/poet must omit many ordinary words.

In order to make it more challenging and interesting, I decided to use only one vowel “I”, throughout the poem. I hope that justifies the title “Sky is Limit” 🙂

Hope you enjoy reading it too!


Night blinks, my spirit sinks,

Birds fly by with dry wings,

Vivid Sky vigils city lights,

Driving blind, instills insight!


Wind is mild, wind is bliss,

Swiftly licking my chin with kiss.

Cynics smirk,

“I pity him. Kid will simply miss!”

My mind is in fix,

Thinking my ship will sink.


I sigh, I flinch

Timidly, I wink

“Cliff is high,

I will still try,

I will dignify,

My skill will sing!”


My first kick,

Fills in glitch

My third kick,

Hits pitch big

I swing high,

It hits sky

City is in grip,

With mighty win!


Inhibiting critic,

Killing his will,

Clinks with his might,

“Kid is right, kid is bright

In hindsight, his birth is gift

Kid is in, kid fits in rift!”


“I did it! I did it!

Sky is my limit!”

I sing in rhythm,

I swirl, I twist

Filthy myth, I rip, I dismiss

I spin risk, I bid win!