The ship of my life was about to sink,

My courage abandoned me without a wink,

My future looked obscure, I could see no cure,

Yet my faith in Almighty was eternally pure!


He had planned the best for me,

I knew He loved me,

He wanted me to succeed,

But in His time and speed.


He was teaching me perseverance,

For He knew I lacked endurance,

I trusted His prophecy and clarity,

He was nurturing me for prosperity.


He was challenging my conscience,

He was gifting me some confidence,

Agony and struggles were His game,

His assessment for right to fame!


I will live up to His test,

With modesty and zest,

I know it’s just a phase,

He will soon clear this haze!!


I thank Him for His austerity,

He elevated my dexterity,

He’s truly the Supreme power,

Who sparkles at the highest tower!