I have written prose poetry this time. Hope you like it!



Deserting me in solitude,

With arrogance and attitude,

Abandoning signs of gratitude,

Tormenting me like destitute,

Swearing never to return,

How could he even yearn?



My heart was crying,

The pain was undying,

My mind froze,

My body quivered,

How will I survive,

With no love to revive…




Days were dark as night

Dawn no less than twilight

My lips never met in a smile

My life was not worthwhile

I had no hope of his return

It took me time to learn.



I’ll have to start afresh

I must discover myself

I need to travel alone

It was now cast in stone

To prove the world I can own

I am not something to be thrown!



I led my life’s struggles

I steered my own battles

I cleansed myself of his memories

Emancipated of all the miseries

My life was now my own

I was famed and well known!


successful woman


Having travelled the journey too far

When I was shining like a star

Destiny decided to ridicule

He traced me at the vestibule

I sensed his presence around

A feeling that I had drowned…


My heart was crying

The pain was undying

My mind froze

My body quivered

I relived my past

In a moment too fast!



He was now on his knees

I could feel his unease

Saying, “Forgive me please!

I’ll do anything to appease,

I want to be at peace,

Accept my apologies!”

man apologising_1


I pondered it was a dream

It appeared to be extreme

He was full of remorse

I learned he was divorced

My heart followed my mind

It was time to unwind!




I took a glass of wine

And held his hand in mine,

I wasn’t going to whine

My days were now ashine

My past was no more haunting

And struggles seemed less daunting!



My wounds had vanished with time

Only scars were left behind

I tackled him with strife

To eliminate the scars from my life

I gave him all the thrash

How dare he treat me like trash?



I had trusted him with my smiles

But he had favored to walk away miles

Now fate took a turn

He could empathize my burn

Well, time waits for none

His catastrophe had just begun!

happy woman


Having poured my heart out

I rose above self-doubt

I fondled with relief

My soul was now at peace

Gratified and liberated

My life was now unabated!!