Life treats all of us differently; quite the same way, as we all tend to treat life differently.

All human beings have been blessed with one life. But each one of us has his own goals, desires, aspirations and attitude towards life. Thereby, all of us have our own unique way of dealing with problems.

Let’s analyze a few of the behaviours.

  • Some of us like to be a fighter and are always ready as a warrior.

Though an advanced version of this type likes to call for trouble by over analyzing, over reacting and by creating a mountain of a mole. They are actually trouble seekers. Lack of issues creates a vacuum in their lives!

  • Some of us are escapists. We just don’t want to face the problems and keep procrastinating as long as possible. They basically lack self-confidence and are afraid of change.
  • But there are also a few of us who are submissive and quiet. People in this category have become so used to dealing with problems that they are not daunted by issues anymore, nevertheless they’ve forgotten to smile. They are generally quite adjusting. Troubles are an indispensable part of their lives.
  • And not to forget that carping, dissatisfied lot who are often heard crying “Why me? Why does this happen to me all the time?” A typical naysayer! These people like to blame others for all their worries and are always on the lookout for a scapegoat. They lose half of their energies in finding out the justification of the trouble rather than focusing on the possible relief in the form of a solution.
  • There is a carefree lot too. People who don’t bother about the impact of their actions or reactions (or the lack of it!) on others. So they consider all issues as trivial and most of the times are unaffected by it. Their behavior is a boon to their life but at times causes stress in relationships.
  • And there is a pious lot too, who believes that everything happens as per God’s will; so God will give them courage and strength to sail through this one too. They are generally content but not always patient as they keep waiting for divine intervention to resolve their issues.
  • Yet there are a few who take it in their stride with a smile. They are resilient by nature. They are strong and confident and understand that life keeps testing us every now and then. So they are always able to churn out a solution and survive despite all odds. They are solution oriented and consider every small or big issue as learning, and an opportunity that will improve them and make them stronger. This category of people is an ultimate source of guidance, inspiration and motivation. They are generally satisfied, patient and enthusiastic. They may also have a strong value system in which they believe.

It is also quite common to react differently to different types of problems. There are people who are quite apt at handling official issues but are indifferent or incapable of managing personal issues or vice versa.

Time to introspect!

Whichever category we may fall in at the moment, we must strive to be a part of the last category.

Problems are transitional; they can occur in different stages of our lives, in a variety of forms but it is only the positive attitude that matters. If we think and believe that all issues have a solution and if we have the courage and mindset to work towards it, then resolution becomes our second nature and positivity our attitude. So, irrespective of the size and nature of the problems, our positive attitude can lead us to a state of physical, mental and emotional health at all the times!