Every human being, habitually or unintentionally, is quite possessive about his own self. This is evident from the amount of time one allocates to selecting own food or clothing or in maintaining health, career or relationships as well as on pursuing hobbies or passion.

Not implying that this is a negative trait of any human being but if we are so possessive about ourselves, do we really believe we know our self?

If we do, then can we predict our own behavior?

If we can, then why do we react to situations in an adverse manner?

Why do we get troubled over things that are expected to happen?

If we know ourselves so well, then why are we unable to control our actions and reactions?

Do we realize that our mental health is as important as our physical well-being?

Do we allocate some time in our busy schedules to sincerely understanding ourselves better?

Do we even feel the need of doing this?

Well, I am sure most of you must have answered a “yes” to this question (that’s why you are reading this post J) and this brings us to the title of this post, “Introspection”.

So What is Introspection?

The dictionary meaning of the word “introspection” is the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes.”

In other words, it is a scrutiny of the state of mental and emotional health.

It is an assessment of our behavior and a justification for our actions to our own self. It is a judgment of the correctness of our conduct.

It is an analysis of all the “whys” which might come up in our mind and heart from time to time with respect to our responses, the manner in which we deal with problems and the traits that shape our personality.


Why Introspect?

A lot of times we face a situation wherein the logical solution is entirely different from the emotional one.

“This is far from reality!”


“You are deciding from your heart…be logical!”


“Listen to the voice of your soul and then act!”


“Don’t you have a heart or have you stopped listening to it?”


“Do what is morally right!”


We encounter such remarks at some or the other time in our lives.

We often find our mind overshadowing our heart or vice-versa. We wish to do something in a particular manner but we end up doing it some other way.

Introspection is a step towards striking that perfect balance between your mind and heart/soul.

It is a process to regain confidence in our actions. It is a process of self-awareness and self-realization in order to be wary of our strengths, weaknesses, ethics, emotions and beliefs.

It gives sanctity to our thought process and lifts the burden of guilt from our heart.

It is rising above your conscience. It is polishing your wisdom. It is rejuvenating self for the adversities of life.

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience” -Oliver Wendell Holmes.

An emotionally strong person has the ability to sail through a storm that even the most physically fit person might find difficult to navigate.

When to Introspect?

Introspection is not a capital investment.

It is not a one-time process.

Rather it is a continuous process of self-evaluation and self-assessment.

There is no fixed timeline that you should follow in terms of days, weeks or months but you need to evaluate and customize it for yourself.

Swami Vivekananda said: “Talk to yourself at least once in a day, otherwise you may miss a meeting with an excellent person in this world.”

Whenever in doubt over your decision over something or pondering over other people’s reactions to your decisions, it’s time to introspect!

Whenever you feel you have been left behind in the race of life, take a break!

Whenever you find yourself travelling your journey alone, better take a look at the trail you are following!

Whenever you need to pour your heart to someone but find yourself searching for a shoulder, it’s time to find a corner for yourself!



If you are alone at the top of the ladder,

If you are struggling to talk to a friend,

If no one is happy at your success,

If no one cares for your happiness,

If you are frightened by your shadow,

If you’ve lost the will to live,

If trust comes at a price,

And faith has lost its voice,

If you are terrified of the darkness,

And troubled over light too,

If happiness can’t cheer,

And tears don’t upset you,

If you have no goal or ambition,

And no will to succeed,

If you are afraid to be loved,

And know no means to care,

If nature fails to make you smile,

And ruses of kids rear doubts in you

It’s time…

It’s time to pause,

It’s time to breathe,

It’s time to stop deceiving yourself,

It’s time to listen to the voice of your soul,

It’s time to search for self,

It’s time to introspect!!


How to Introspect?

Each one of us is a unique creation.

We all have our own way of dealing with issues and stress in our lives.

Quite the same way, we all have our own way of sorting out the knots of our life.


You can choose to cuddle up in a corner of the house or let the beauty of the garden amaze you.

You may like to take a walk at the beach or spend your time gazing the grandeur of the night sky.


You may want to travel to a place unknown or a heart-to-heart with your dearest friend.

You may request a heavenly mediation or take recourse to spirituality.

You may want to use the healing powers of the music or immerse yourself in the serenity of the hills.

You may wish to paint your thoughts on the canvas or let the words unfold mystery for you!

You may dance the way out of your jigsaw or let some work of fiction sort it out for you.

You may choose any or many of the above ways or explore your own means to bring clarity of thought and action.

An outside force weakens or shatters us but an inside force strengthens and awakens us! Listen to your inner voice; kindle yourself and see your world change.