Determined to chase off my morning indolence,

I obeyed the alarm with physical dissonance,

Procrastinating the thought had been of no avail,

Reluctantly I slipped into sneakers, to follow the trail.


Gentle, cool breeze welcomed with a kiss,

The glory of dawn couldn’t be missed.

The love of celestials was evident in sky,

When Sun smiled at moon, waving good-bye!



Aura around was a heavenly peek,

Grandeur of nature at its peak,

A place so serene among concrete,

A feat for the soul and truly elite!




Cuckooing and twittering was music to ears,

Invigorating mind, alleviating fears.

Vibrant flora greeting exuberantly,

Butterflies fluttering jubilantly!



Little grey squirrels sprinting for seeds,

Gnawing at corn, hopping on trees.

Tiny dew drops adoring lush green,

Shining like jewels on the crown of a Queen!




Adorned with health stalwarts everywhere,

Salubrious air felt extraordinaire,

My day commenced with wealth of health,

I earned vigor with every breath!