Dreams are the foundation and hope for our desired fate.

They are a purpose of survival for many.

But procrastination can squash your dreams.

Dreaming big, in itself, is not a stupendous act. Most of us do it all the time.

But to have the audacity, perseverance and fortitude to convert your vision into reality, is what distinguishes an achiever from others.

There is only ONE winner and he is the one who believed and followed his dream.

Eventually, you should not have any regrets about your unrealized aspirations or pursuits, as life doesn’t follow the tradition of “Wait”!

So, get up and act.

Act before you stop believing in yourself;

Act before you refrain from chasing your dreams;

Act before someone else’s success story unfolds before you;

Act before your repentance seizes your desire to dream;

Act before life impounds your chance to dream!