Relationships are quite fragile in nature.

Even a trivial unpleasant word or action can disrupt our entire belief system.

It takes years of love, care, bonding and sacrifices to form and sustain relationships but only a single deed of misconduct, for cracks to set in.

Harsh words create a hole in the ship of relations that can cause the relation-ship to drown if not mended promptly.

Your words are your prized possession.

So, pick your words with utmost care.

Your words have the power to open the locked doors as well as to distance from the welcoming ones.

Your words depict your personality.

Your words assert your nature.

Your words ascertain your character.

Your words describe who you are and what you think.

Your kind and gentle words can magically cure the bitterness of hostile words!

So, never give up on relationships!

Move the magic wand of words that God has dearly bestowed upon you!

Express yourself!

Do not hesitate to show your care and affection through words even if you have hurt or offended someone, deliberately or inadvertently.

It’s never too late for an act of compassion or an expression of gratitude and benevolence.

Words are an infinite treasure.

Words are the most significant elements of a relationship!