Courage is a rare trait

Foster it with care

Life is not so straight

Do have the nerve to dare!



Earth is crammed with vile

With masters of treason

Patrons turn hostile

In minutes, for no reason



Mighty cherishes glory

Manipulates feeble and decrepit

To lead the dominance story

Albeit indebted or deceptive



Subservient gets subjugated

By friends, families and foes

His triumph often mitigated

No creature to hear his woes



So muster all willpower

Reveal your intrepidness

Instigate a new endeavor

Harness your endurance!



Be the master of your destiny

Be the spearhead of change

Chase your goal zealously

Defy all mind restraints!



Show the world you can

You must and you will

Let fortitude be your plan

And perseverance, your skill!