Hello fellow bloggers!!

I am so excited to share that my blog “My feelings My Freedom” turned one year this Saturday, 14th Jan’2017.

A big thanks and a humble token of gratitude and appreciation to all my readers and followers!

I started this blog with much apprehension, a year ago.

I wasn’t really confident of my writing skills and hadn’t met the poet inside me till then!!

I was always fond of reading motivational posts (and motivating my family and friends whenever I got the chance 🙂 ) and found myself inclined towards poetry but never tried my hand at it myself.

Though I haven’t achieved many accolades or a great followership but I am quite pleased with the personal growth and progress that I have attained through this blog.

I have discovered some astonishing traits about myself that I wasn’t aware of! It has been a journey of learning and self-discovery for me by channelizing my thoughts, energies and time in a productive and satisfying manner.

The love, appreciation and blessings showered upon me by the ever-so-kind friends in this blogging community have lifted my spirits and boosted my confidence and growth.

I have not been able to devote as much time to my writing, as I wanted to but I will certainly try to give my best to my blog this year!!

Look forward to the love and support of my fellow bloggers as they ride along me in my expedition of self-evolvement!!

Here’s some cake for you to relish as I celebrate the occasion 🙂



Thanks, once again 🙂