Hello dear friends

I would like to thank all my readers for walking hand in hand in my writing journey for last one year.

Having resolved to  increase my commitment to my blog, I have now planned  to commence a new feature on my blog.

Every month, I shall set out a ‘theme’ for my writing.

Every Wednesday, I will post a piece of writing on the monthly theme.

It could be an inspirational write up or any form of poetry or a short story or a magazine article or famous quotes or any other form of writing based on the theme.

Once a week, I will also share the works of fellow bloggers, consistent with the monthly theme. So, if you happen to pen down something related to the theme, don’t forget to let me know, though I’ll dig out some good reads myself to share with my fellow bloggers.

I look forward to your support, encouragement, participation, suggestions and feedback as always 🙂

As regards theme for this month, what could be a better theme to start with than “Self-discovery”!

Tomorrow being International Women Day as well as Wednesday, I shall offer my first post on the theme “Self-discovery” tomorrow.