This is my first post towards the new ‘Monthly Theme’ feature as announced by me yesterday. The theme for the first month is “Self-discovery”. Here’s what I have to offer for the first week. Hope you’ll find it beneficial.


                      “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”Aristotle

Self-discovery is an incessant process.

Our mind and character evolve as we grow physically.

Our needs, thoughts, attitude, outlook, relations and even wisdom undergo a continuous change. Hence, knowing and understanding ourselves becomes a pertinent phenomenon.

No one attains his/her goal without travelling the road to self-discovery. It is mandated even when we touch the pinnacle of success.

Each one of us has his or her own approach towards realizing this truth. We often question ourselves if we are on the right path; if we acted/reacted in accordance with the socially acceptable behavior and so on.

However as we are too busy in the chores of life to spare time for recognizing our OWN self, we end up accepting whatever comes along, be it good or bad; happy or sad; satisfying or disgusting; worthwhile or hopeless, as our fate.

Though I do not refute the power and existence of fate but our attitude (acceptability or defiance) towards what fate has to offer, is largely determined by what we call self-discovery.

So, what constitutes self-discovery? Here’s my little poetic way of elucidating it:


To recognize who I am

To know who I want to be

To understand my own feelings

To question some meanings

To determine what makes me happy

To ascertain what brings about pain

To value my abilities

To accept my shortcomings

To believe my dreams

To cherish my desires

To realize the magical moments

To learn about my true self

Is what I call self-discovery!


On the path of discovering an identity of ourselves, we often forget our true self.

So let’s gift ourselves those precious moments that can reveal the real person buried within us who keeps peeking time and again but gets ridiculed by the moralities and responsibilities of our everyday life.

You never know, you might encounter a strange new “YOU” while you were always wearing the face of your best ally. You may even surprise yourself by the realization that you were always chasing your most treasured dream while skeptical of your abilities and desires all this time.

Self-discovery can be astonishing and insightful at the same time but it’s truly worth the time!

Have you offered yourself those moments lately?

If yes, did it have any surprises for you?

If no, it’s never too late to begin. Time is always right when intent is good.

Happy self-discovery!

Keep checking this space for more on the topic in the coming days.

Good Luck!