Hey there!

As you are aware that I have started the journey of self-discovery this month, I considered glancing at the views of fellow bloggers on the same.

I must say, I found a lot of interesting posts and am glad to share their experiences.

Our blogger friend Snigdha says that she functions through ‘self-discovery’. Check out how she fought her struggle with ‘meta questions’ of her life. I admire her view that “Acceptance does not mean surrendering your cause. It simply means seeing it for what it is, even if it is unbelievably out of your reach.” Check out her full post here.

Another blogger Nikki proclaims, “First step to introspection is brutal honesty”.

Nikki believes, “Brutal honesty with yourself is a practice that is necessary if you want to get to the heart of the matter and it’s not just honesty about yourself, but honesty about others and the situations that have occurred in your life.” Don’t you agree with it?

Wouldn’t you like to know how she addressed others’ views after a great deal of brutal introspection? I am sure you would endorse her views after reading this.

I have realized that most of us are aware of the importance of self-discovery but we often don’t tap this source of energy within ourselves.

I urge you to take a break from those mundane activities this weekend and spend some time with yourself, on yourself and for yourself.

Listen to that favorite music album of yours, sip a cup of your special coffee, relish a bite of that delicious cake, take out your physical or digital notebook and take that first step towards the road of discovering a new “You”!

I’ll soon be back to walk along this journey!