Immersed in work

Little time for self

Procrastinating recreation

Relations at abeyance

My days are planned

My hands are full

I have a vision

To live my dreams

I have planned my future

For a life so long

A life so gratifying

I’ll take pride in it



Time seems stagnated

I can’t feel myself

Unable to see the sun

I try to spot the stars

Have clouds enveloped the sky…

My lungs refuse to release air

My heart declines to pump blood

My brain refrains from directing the cells

My feet cannot advance

My ears fail the sound

My voice doesn’t reach the lips

My dreams are scattered all over

My vision vanishes in clouds

My plans become void

My pride attains mist

My promises stand broken

My words have lost their meaning

I can feel no pain

I can feel no love

I can just feel my soul

Advancing towards celestials

Chasing infinity

Abandoning my mortal corpse