We have advanced towards the third week of self-discovery, the theme for my monthly feature. This week, I urge you to challenge yourselves with some questions that will assist you in harnessing the true dividends of self-discovery.

I have lined them up in a poetic way in order to avoid preaching and sound more interesting yet stimulating 🙂

                                                      Poem: Sailing the cruise of self-discovery


A cruise along the coast of “SELF

Is all set to commence

So brace yourself and take a deep breath

Let’s be honest to this questionnaire



Ever wondered, who you are or

Probed the rationality of your path

Do you assent to deeds of destiny or

Accept that your dreams stand lost



Does passion elate your heart or

You embrace the pain as stalwart

Do you adore the child sheltered in your soul or

Are pleased to be seasoned and matured



Are you steadfast to voice for self or

Struggling to muster the grit to dissent

Are you profound and covert as an ocean or

You fancy the chastity of a stream



Do you revere your own judgments or

A dissonance can quiver your conviction

Do you incite ideas and churn solutions or

Are trapped in haystack of questions



Do little pleasures bring you a smile or

You have aged awaiting Kohinoor of happiness

Do rage and fury fuel your mind or

You are a mountain of perseverance



Let’s together mull over these intriguing questions

Let’s step on the cruise to discern clarifications

Come aboard my dear friend

Come aboard the voyage to discover “SELF”!



I leave you with these thoughts in the hope of self-alleviation. Do take out a few minutes to ponder over these enthralling requests from self.

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Stay tuned for more on “Self-discovery”!