Today is the second day of NaPoWriMo. The prompt for today is to write a poem inspired by, or in the form of, a recipe! It can be a recipe for something real, like your grandmother’s lemon chiffon cake, or for something imaginary, like a love potion or a spell. So, I started to pen down a recipe for a delectable marriage 🙂




Ah! I see you wish to learn

a concoction of marriage today

so let’s garner all ingredients

‘coz a long list makes its way

Love is the basic element

to prepare this succulent pie

but not the only item

that can save you from a cry


So get hold of lots of patience

grab a bag full of trust

some care to infuse aroma

Oh! not to forget some lust

Freedom and space add zing

like a seasoning for efficacy

flavors of argument and anger

play spoilers that ruin delicacy

Now toss it with romance

and yes, add a pinch of fun

blend all constituents calmly

‘coz you don’t want a rerun

Now bake in oven of time

till grumbles wither from crème

make sure to garnish with fidelity

Yum! Savor the heavenly cuisine!