Today is the third day of NaPoWriMo 2017. I have again experimented with a new form today as Maureen has prompted us to write an elegy – a poem that mourns or honors someone dead or something gone by. And also to center the elegy on an unusual fact about the person or thing being mourned.




My body froze

time stood still

earth ceased to spin

sunlight turned cold

all I could see

was darkness

no sense

no feelings

until those men in white

snatched you from my arms

impervious of my cries

as they stated “He’s gone”






How could I trust those words

how could I let you go

how could those men in white

decide for you and me

how could those cruel hands

choose my destiny




You lit the candle for me

when I was draped in darkness

You breathed life in me

when I was chasing death

“Live your dreams,

live your life” your words

sparked fire in me




How could you decide to go now


when I have started to dream


when I have promised to live

promised to live with you

promised to live for you

promised to grow old with you

promised to die with you

promised to die for you





you sowed the seed of love

in wilderness of my heart

the thorns of divine memories

now tear my heart apart

I grieve captivation

in the prison of my past

ashamed to be absorbed

while you breathed your last




These thorns will be my armors

nothing will fade my love

you will live in me forever

forever in my heart

forever in my body

forever in my soul

as I cease to exist

as I live your dreams

as I live your life

as I choose to become you