April is here!

The month of April, often associated with the season of Spring and sunshine is credited with many firsts.

Well, it’s the first month to have the length of 30 days.

It is the first month of the new fiscal year.

It also houses the first Zodiac sign- Aries!

The month of April is also credited with events like Earth Day, Autism Awareness Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, National Poetry Writing Month, Mathematics Awareness Month and Cancer Control Month among other things.

In fact, today, April 4th marks the birth anniversary of famous American poet Maya Angelou.

William C. Bryant remarked a few wonderful lines for this colorful month:


There is no glory in star or blossom

till looked upon by a loving eye;

there is no fragrance in April breezes

till breathed with joy,

as they wander by


So, when the month brings so much vigor, vitality, beauty and positivity with it, then let’s celebrate this month with “Optimism”.

Yes! That’s the theme for my monthly feature this month of April. As the feature promises, every Wednesday I will share poems, articles, quotes, stories, videos etc. on our monthly theme, “Optimism”. So get ready to absorb heavy doses of positive energy. There’s a lot coming your way. If you happen to write something related to the topic, do share it with me. I would love to read and enlighten myself.

Till then, stay optimistic!