We have completed one week of NaPoWriMo today! In keeping with the fact that it’s the seventh day of NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo, we have been challenged to write a poem about luck and fortuitousness. Basically, a poem birthing out of a coincidence/accidental or unexpected happening. A light-hearted one from me this time 🙂


                                                        Poem: A Ring at the Beach

Summer afternoon

Yes! one of those lazy days

to recreate ingenuity

I took to beach as bait

Sun-kissed winds stroked my face

to feel the earth I threw my shoes in space

heat of the sand pushed me to sea

when I felt the pinch of crab under my feet


No crab no starfish, a diamond studded ring

A ring. A ring? A ring!

My imagination had been served

the bait had worked!

A wedding ring gotten with love

for a treacherous who never deserved

argument ensued repealing the wedding

my instincts queered who threw it in sea?

the man himself or the lover who deceived?

My mind ran wild it wasn’t gratified

it churned a new story of fame and glory

the ring was a souvenir of the star that sank

the ring was a gift of her remembrance

 for the child she saved at the riverbank

It was all so gloomy

I needed some thrill

the ring must have fallen after a kill

a killer on loose, a body in the sea

now let the cops handle this mystery!