We have inched towards the second week of our month long journey of optimism. If you happened to miss the week 1 post, where we talked about bringing about changes in our attitude by following the two golden rules, then you can glance it here.

Hope we practiced the approach of responding to situations rather than reacting.

I know it’s not so easy to change one’s attitude swiftly.

But it’s certainly worth it as optimism gives birth to hope, courage, confidence and faith.

We cannot expect positive things to happen around us if we have been breeding negativity in our mind all the time.

To assist you in this massive task of cultivating positivity, I would like to share with you the ever-inspiring words of wisdom of the great people.

What kind of a world do you believe you live in?


Do you adore the beauty of flowers or loathe the presence of thorns? Does the beauty of flower attract you or the presence of thorns desist you?



Remember our first golden rule: “We ALWAYS have a choice!” Optimism doesn’t necessarily solve ALL problems but yes, it’s a magic wand that reduces the pain of obstacles in the path.



Optimism is a catalyst. It sparks the fire of positive thoughts that results in positive actions thereby bringing about positive outcomes. Do you agree with me? I believe, Gandhiji did!



Are you still finding it difficult to take that decision? Are you still fenced by the fear of failure? Follow this advice!


That’s called attitude!