The prompt for NaPoWriMo for today has not yet been uploaded so I followed the prompt shared by Colleen for her Weekly Poetry Challenge #28 which requires words “hard” & “soft” or their synonyms to be used in a haiku, tanka or haibun. I have written a haibun with words “soft” and “insistence” (for hard) following the pattern prose/haiku/prose/haiku


 Haibun: Majestic Ocean

I have always revered the magnificence of the ocean. The tranquil water blushes to form gentle waves with the tender touch of cool breeze. But when the enticed wind seduces the gentle stream with relentless fondling and cuddling, the poised aqua is inept to resist its stance and rejoices birthing high tides. It’s a pleasure to witness the eternal love of the two forces of nature.


nature’s tiara

flamboyant soft demeanor

engrained insistence


The coastline has witnessed the tragic as well as magical tales for centuries. Its deep blue waters behold numerous memories and infinite mysteries. The benevolent ocean has always embraced every living and non-living being in its palace with open arms. Experiencing the beauty veiled under its waters is truly blissful.

enigmatic force

abodes millions curious

to seek horizon



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