We are half way through NaPoWriMo. So the prompt for today is to write a poem that reflects on the nature of being in the middle of something. The poem could be about being on a journey and stopping for a break, or the gap between something half-done and all-done. 

I have written the poem in line with our monthly theme “Optimism


Poem: Stranded


I travelled so far that

life appears to have ended

but how could it be

I haven’t yet sought my purpose


I must be in the middle

stranded somewhere

for I cannot see the origin

nor I can see the end

Is it the beginning of end or

an end of the beginning

did I truly begin

will this road ever end


Is it prudent to just wait

or should I retrace my steps

or judiciously plan for the road ahead

can I expect some help

I abhor this ambiguity

I despise this vagueness

I need to clear this haze

I must awake from dream


I wish to have no regrets

when I’m ready to close my eyes

that I left my path in the middle

when I should have marched with stride

I’m glad I took the first step

I’m thrilled to reach the core

it’s only a matter of subsistence

I’m determined to attain my goal!