Here’s the prompt for Day 25 of NaPoWriMo. In 1958, the philosopher/critic Gaston Bachelard wrote a book called The Poetics of Space, about the emotional relationship that people have with particular kinds of spaces – the insides of sea shells, drawers, nooks, and all the various parts of houses. Today, write a poem that explores a small, defined space – it could be your childhood bedroom, or the box where you keep old photos. It could be the inside of a coin purse or the recesses of an umbrella stand. Any space will do – so long as it is small, definite, and meaningful to you.

This one came effortlessly from heart about a drawer/chest in my mother’s home. I wished to attach the same picture, but couldn’t manage 🙂


On the right wall of my room

just behind the door

stood a white wooden closet

none was allowed to explore



A standard piece of furniture

like a bed or a study

but one chest in that cabinet

was quite dear to me



The secrets of my childhood

those greetings from my friends

some claiming an apology while

others wishing loads of fun



A red and white pouch

that was close to my heart

my wealth of carefully placed coins and

money from folks and dad



Ah! how can I forget

the flowery picture album

with pictures of me and my friends

teasing, jumping, having pun



My favorite Nancy Drew

and even a Sherlock Holmes

with few pens of my taste

were lucky to embrace that abode



Oh yes! that unique cologne

gifted by uncle overseas

also secreted that locker

with other assemblies



Oh! I am feeling so nostalgic

I am missing my childhood so much

that closet and its drawer

my heart aspires for that touch!