A wonderful post on “what truth should mean to us”!


Your truth is what works!

That is the answer to everything as it relates to living a happy and fulfilled life.

The End!

You know, one day, I willwrite a post that short.


I have been thinking about happiness a lot lately. And I realized something. I am happy because I am living my truth.

If you take time to study the lives of happy people, the singular quality that shines forth from their lives the brightest, is how carefree they are living their truth.

The siren of distractions isconstantly feeding us with messages about fitting in and following the masses. It takes thoughtful purpose, courage and resolve to be the person you really are—the person the Universe intended for you to be and become.

Living your truth means living in harmony and relationship with others without being dependent on those relationships to validate your feelings or…

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