April is about to end and we have entered the last week of our monthly feature “Optimism”. I sincerely tried to imbibe my words in my daily routine and I am glad to share that I felt remarkable difference in my attitude and approach towards life.

Let’s accept a fact that no life is immune to struggles. Also, no one will stand to fight for our struggles, as their life is fraught with their own battles. What I have learnt in last few years is that no matter how sincerely our friends and family may try to resolve our issues but they cannot absolve us of our responsibilities and challenges.

Someone might be there to guide you and hold your hand but you have to follow your path YOURSELF.

So, if we reflect positivity in our actions, all the positive forces around us will light our path and we shall be able to live every moment of our journey.

A change in outlook can do wonders to our life.

The magnitude of problems starts to wear out and solutions seem more plausible and achievable. Clarity of thought sets in leading to less incidences of reluctance, fear, despair or dejection.

We sowed the seeds of optimism in the first week, by following these two golden rules:

  1. We ALWAYS have a choice.
  2. The key to happiness is in our OWN hands.

We nurtured it carefully with more of inspirational words and quotes in second and third week and here we are, holding the plant in our hand.

I implore you to sow these seeds in the brainy gardens of our toddlers and youngsters at a young age and foster it consistently so that when they grow up, they can relish the fruits borne by this ever-growing enormous tree.

I would like to share a poem I had written a few months ago to highlight the importance of optimism.


I saw a man learning to drive,

With just one leg, he had to strive,

Never giving up, he yearned to thrive,

Never losing hope, he wished to survive,

That’s optimism, that’s being alive.



A young child with a hole in his heart,

Smile on his face is a beauty apart,

Courage and endurance, this angel imparts,

Trust and faith being his counterpart,

That’s optimism, that’s a restart.



An astute female with a lot on stake,

Lost everything to the game of fate,

She struggles, endures but never vacillates,

Her confidence to liberate her own estate,

That’s optimism, that’s to accelerate.



An old lady who lives next door,

Her only son is now no more,

She does the floor, she goes to store,

But she trusts Him, she never implores,

That’s optimism, that’s to restore.



When we doubt ourselves, trapped in criticism,

When time and fate lead to cynicism,

We are shattered, broken and full of skepticism,

But our will power and vigor and our altruism,

With belief and hope can obliterate pessimism

That’s optimism, that’s optimism!!!