As I am travelling, I am not following the NaPoWriMo prompt today as well. 

Here’s poem for today titled “A lizard on my wall”!



A lizard on my wall

Doesn’t it say all?

The creepy reptile majestically

climbs my room’s wall



Aztec gold or arylide yellow

yellowish brown or brownish yellow

Caramel, golden, dusty or camel

which color should I call, this eerie animal



It’s predatory sight

cone shaped green eyes

surrounded by beige

make me feel I’m caged



The scales on its skin

made from keratin

with its moving curved tail

make me bite my nail



The cold-blooded creature

splats its tongue quickly

the poor mosquito

dead instantly



Its weird dancing moves

hurt like a bruise

make me scream and jump

inducing goose bumps



The descendant of dinosaur

has been frightening me for ages

while I studied till midnight or

awakened following a sibling fight



It would sprint towards the ceiling

while I grappled with the feeling

it would chase the other in a brawl

while all I dreaded was its fall



I often try to ascertain

who’s more terrified in this game

the atrocious nocturnal reptilian or

I, a charming wise civilian!