Yay! I successfully concluded NaPoWriMo with 32 poems in 30 days!

I participated in NaPoWriMo for the first time and I must say that it was a magical experience.

I learnt so much about poetry guided by stupendous prompts and brilliant writings of fellow participants on the prompt.

From elevenie to ekphrasis, from clerihew to alliteration, from enigma to elegy, from sports to recipe and from portrait to taste; it was like a repertoire in the making.

It was such an enriching experience to read a variety of posts every day.

I read a lot. I tried to read as many poems as I could with a minimum target of about 25-30 per day.

Reading provides an insight into other poet’s mind and expands your horizon.

It seeds thoughts in our sub-conscious mind and that is quite beneficial while directing your creativity horses.

The best gift of NaPoWriMo for me is the habit of writing regularly. I had been trying to imbibe the discipline of writing everyday for a long time but I always had an excuse after a few days of writing commitment. Routine mundane jobs and responsibilities especially on weekend played a spoiler all the time. But now I’ve understood how to steal time from my routine to adhere to my writing commitment.

It has transformed me from a weekly writer to a daily writer πŸ™‚

Another important contribution of NaPoWriMo and regular writing is that writing does not seem a task. Thoughts and words become your allies and writing a post involves less effort. I felt a positive energy floating around me braced by an unusual zeal at the ability to pen down my thoughts and feelings everyday while adhering to the prompts.

I made a lot of wonderful friends in this journey and it was a pleasure to read their blogs.

I truly appreciate the support and encouragement of all my fellow bloggers for reading, liking or commenting my posts.

Many thanks to all!