This is the first week of our monthly theme “focus”. 

Focus is imperative to prosper in life. Our life is swarming with distractions and if we lose sight of our goal even for a minute, we might have to forget it forever.

When we are in flight, we are advised to switch off all gadgets. The purpose is to reduce even a slightest chance of interference in signals. In a similar way, it is crucial to eliminate all disruptions in the attainment of our goal.

It is said, “Focus on what you want, everything else shall fall in its place.” 

So here’s what we should do to stay focused: 



I’ll let my dreams lead my way

I don’t aspire to bear the burden of failures

I have faith in my competency

I won’t mourn over my limitations



I shall let success be my focus

I won’t spare time to assess obstacles

I’ll focus my energy on feasible

I prefer to prioritize from all available



I’ll let solutions be the charioteer

I’ll shrink the life of troubles

I focus at the present moment

I refuse the past to torment



I’ve learned to focus on myself

I value ONLY who I love

I’ve let clarity be my focus

I’ve let focus be my focus