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Happy Buddha Purnima! 😊🙏🌙

My admiration for Buddhist wisdom had been prompting me to write something on his day but I was unable to manage due to time constraints. Though I plan a post on his quotes, I really liked this post about his life. Have a read. May Buddha bless you all with light and wisdom on his special day!

Everyday Wisdom ✨

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 4.48.12 pm 1Today is Buddha Purnima, the day Buddha was born. He got enlightened, he attained nirvana and he died also on this same day. Today the moon seems 20% bigger than other times; it is a very big moon. It is a good occasion to watch the moon rise.

Buddha has left such a permanent mark on the planet for centuries to come,for people to remember the glory of the divinity.

Wake up the little Buddha inside you!

There is a little Buddha in everybody, and that Buddha is in the form of Siddhartha. Do you know who is Siddhartha? Before Buddha became Buddha, he was Siddhartha. He was wandering and lost but he had the spirit of enquiry in his heart.

Siddhartha, at a very young age understood that everything is sorrow. He said, “The world is all sorrow and I want to get rid of sorrow”, but…

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