We have moved to the second week of our monthly focus on “Focus”.

This week I wish to focus on the importance of saying “No” in order to stay focused on our goal.




Time and energy are limited resources hence we cannot undervalue the significance of focus for attainment of our goals.

Once we have defined our goal, then focus is the only thing that can guide us to our goal.

Let’s understand why.

  • Have you ever ascertained what would happen if we keep reacting to all the advices/ opinions being offered our way?


  • What would happen if we keep getting attracted to all the opportunities that might come up our way?


  • Would it be good if we keep saying “Yes” to everything that shows up? Would we ever be able to realize our utmost goal?





Yes, all these things withdraw us from our purpose and we lose our focus.

Losing our purpose/focus brings its own share of adversities.

Our confidence starts to wear down as no task reaches completion, leading to mismanagement, disorganized and unplanned schedule of activities, wastage of time and resources, stress and depression.


multi tasking_1


In order to stay focused, it’s imperative to learn to say “No” and for that we must comprehend:

  • What’s right and what’s wrong,
  • Who’s a motivator/supporter and who’s pulling our spirits down
  • What’s achievable and what’s over enthusiasm
  • Which action/activity is crucial and which is redundant
  • What’s adding value and what’s a distraction
  • When to say “yes” and when to say “No”


A small activity can assist in this enormous task. Just follow these steps:

  • Make a list of all the tasks/goals you wish to accomplish along with timelines
  • Prioritize the tasks
  • Make a list of distractions including Internet related activities like chatting, irrelevant browsing, uninteresting read, over subscription to magazines leading to increased junk mail etc.
  • Start working on the foremost goal in your prioritized wish list
  • Ensure to stay away from distractions
  • STOP Multitasking (One grain of sand, one task at a time!)


Don’t you feel this activity will help you stay focused?

Are you familiar with your distractions?

Do you say “Yes” to everything?

What else would you like to add to this list?


I would love to read your comments on this.

Stay focused and stay motivated!