My hands are trembling. My body quivers. But my eyes are focused at the birds soaring in the sky. I feel butterflies in my stomach as someone tightens the belts that have captivated my body. Dozens of thick ropes web across the nylon fabric to eventually assemble at the harness. It’s a firm structure safeguarding the driver; physically. I take a deep breath as the instructor reconfirms my comfort level and assures a memorable experience. My heart is elated to see the exquisite view at the mountaintop from where the parachute is set to launch. I begin to imagine the splendor and grandeur of skies. My dream of racing with birds in the clouds is about to fly the wings of realisation.



floating in the clouds

harnessing power of wind

life seems minuscule

expanse until horizon

world alluring beneath feet


This post is inspired from my personal experience of parasailing (instead of paragliding) about an year ago. 

This haibun follows the prompts given by Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge#34. The prompt words for this week are “power” and “allure”.