Lack of direction, not lack of time is the problem. We all have twenty four hours in a day – Zig Ziglar


We have advanced towards the third week in our expedition of “Focus”.

It’s time we must gather from the experience of others. Let’s explore what legendary proclaimed on the importance of “focus” in order to be successful in life!


Do you lament over your past failures? Do you let distractions make you dance to its tunes? Well, success demands focus. So let’s move on with our goal in mind!

Focus Week 3_1


Alexander Bell drew inspiration from nature and I’m sure his advice holds good even today. Check out yourself!

Focus Week 3_2


What is your focus- problems or possibilities? Zig Ziglar enlightens us by guiding our focus in the right direction.

Focus Week 3_3-2


You can never please everyone in your life. So, follow the advice of Steve Jobs to harness the power of saying “No” to stay focused on your goal!

Focus Week 3_4


Do you believe that the road to your goal is filled with obstacles?

Think again as Henry Ford considers that we face obstacles only when we lose focus!

Focus Week 3_5


Bothered about success of others? Don’t be; just stay focused!

Focus Week 3_6


I hope you are motivated enough to focus your focus on focus 🙂

Remember, no one is born great but greatness follows those who never take their eyes off their goal. So, dream big, have the courage to follow your dreams despite all odds and stay focused on your goal. Life is waiting to happen!