“Stay focused. Your start does not determine how you are going to finish”

Herman Edwards


The last day of the month brings us to the end of our month long journey of “focus”.

We started the month with a poem on staying focused in week 1.


In week 2, we reiterated the importance of staying focused by saying “No” to distractions,

avoiding multi-tasking, prioritizing tasks at hand and refraining from leaping on all the

opportunities that we come across.


We absorbed the value of focus from the words and profound experiences of eminent

personalities in week 3.


So, let’s conclude the month by motivating ourselves a little more to stay focused!




Things may not go as planned

Focus on revising the plan

People may not react as you expect

Focus on the value of your relationship

Good times may not last forever

Focus on the goodness you realize from it

Tough times may stay too long

Focus on perseverance to sail through

The road to success may be full of obstacles

Focus on the experiences and learning




“If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small”

Azim Premji


Reaction, abuse or mockery by people is the biggest fear that throws one out of focus.

There are few people who’ll rejoice at your success but many more who will celebrate

your failure. It’s in your hand to decide who is more valuable and whom you want to

make happy 🙂


So, go ahead, chase your dreams and stay focused on accomplishment of your goals.


The world will value you only if you value yourself!


“You can’t know everyone, you can’t do everything, you can’t go everywhere.

We have to pick and choose between good and a little bit better!”

-John C. Maxwell