I have been quite disturbed by the recent terrorist attacks in different parts of the world. My heart is grieving for those who lost their loved ones in these horrifying and condemning acts of violence, giving birth to some unanswered questions that are reflected in my poem below. I pray to God to give them peace and strength to overcome these difficult times.



A lovely Sunday evening near banks of a river

Gentle cool breeze drawing friends near

Laughing, chatting, giggle, all you can hear

A mesmerizing atmosphere indeed I swear




Young lovebirds adoring each other

An old couple sipping coffee together

              A family of six with their family dinner fixed

           A group of friends savoring music all mixed



Boom! A thunder flooded the scene with screams

Gunshots contaminated the cool river breeze

Running, yelling and cries for help

Bodies, blood and faces scared



Gunmen wearing mask of terror

       Petrified masses with face of horror

                   The fun-filled place soon filled with havoc

      Gruesome men fancied a massacre



Children, women and elderly men

None spared from spell of AK 47

Miscreants shouting religious slogans

To prove devotion with each shotgun



A ghastly face of humanity came to light

    Sympathy, compassion seemed out of sight

   Parochial fanatics ensuing fake paradigms

        Willing to victimize innocents for their crime



Who gives them the right to end someone’s life?

Is the value of life zilch compared to their strife?

Was love and benevolence never taught to them?

Who trained them to be killers, to abuse lawmen?



         Can they sleep peacefully with blood stained hands?

What approach is this to justify their demands?

    How do they manage to silence their conscience?

 Do they not feel saddled in their subconscious?



Aren’t we all just flesh and bones?

Then why discriminate on caste, creed and homes?

Why let animosity turn us blind?

Why let ferocity rule our mind?



Is terrorism truly a deed of mankind?

              Can we restore peace without being unkind?

   Can love for humanity be sacred of all?

               Can kindness and compassion always be tall?



This post is also a submission towards Week 1 of “Compassion”, the monthly theme for June.