The sky seemed captivating, adorned with the glitterati of stars like a bride dressed in an impeccably sparkling outfit. I had been admiring the blue for hours and was eager to continue my adoration for eternity. The moving clouds had always inspired me since my childhood. I commended their audacity when they momentarily veiled the ever-powerful Sun in their never ending hunt. I considered it as a nature’s way of teaching us to “never quit and move on despite all odds.” The grey and white vapors of gases were always on the move. I often wondered their destination across the limitless skies. Were they chasing something or were they being chased? Or was it just a fun game they played? I was again seeking some answers from nature today.


grit and unison

nature imparts to mankind

what more do we seek

when dense mist of skepticism

enshrouds and governs our mind


This post follows the prompts given by Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge# 37. The challenge for this week is to use “smoke” and “veil” or their synonyms in a haiku, tanka or haibun. I have written above haibun using “mist” for “smoke” and “enshroud” for “veil”.