divorced from the world

to spend time with self

to discern the purpose of my being

to rationalize the significance of grief

I walked to the beach



a walk to the beach

all I had in mind

the magnificence of ocean

always felt divine

and there it was



and there it was

a sign for the beach or

a sign from the God

“Please leave nothing but your footsteps”

read the sign



I read the sign as the sign read my mind

my heart heaved a sigh

I had arranged to leave everything

everything but my footsteps

and plunge in the ocean



a plunge in the ocean

all I had in mind

but the sign at the beach

the sign read my mind

it all felt divine



it all felt divine

the purpose of my life

engraved in bold on sign

to leave my footsteps

in the world before dying



Mish from mishunderstood.wordpress.com is hosting today’s Poetics at dVerse. She wants us to choose a sign as a visual prompt and write a poem based on it. The above poem follows her prompt.