The third week of our monthly feature usually entails learning from the teachings of the eminent personalities.

Compassion is a widely preached topic by all religious and spiritual leaders of all times.

I’ve chosen a few quotes that I personally admire. Hope these words speak to you as well!

Let’s take a peek.


The great Dalai Lama proclaims compassion to be a trait of a strong person.




Kindness and generosity are not the decree limited to just spirituality, even intellects believe in the power of compassion. If you don’t’ believe me, check out what Albert Einstein has to say in this regard!




What truly is compassion? Are there any limits to it?  




Do you believe that a caring touch or a pleasing smile or just praise for little achievements is an insignificant act? Well, it’s time you change your view, as that’s the least you can do towards your share of kindness in the society.



By leaning to help others, we actually move an inch closer to our value system.



And now a reiteration of what we covered last week- the value of self-compassion.



From a small act of kindness to feeding the famished, from just listening to someone’s woes to charity in the form of money, from aiding the wounded to nurturing the homeless children; all are forms of compassion.

How often do you cleanse your soul with any of these acts?