Looking for some magic wand to change your life? The magic is within yourself. Brooke has explained it in this wonderful post that I couldn’t resist sharing. Read on..


The Law of Attraction is not to be blamed when things go wrong in your life, especially if you are desperately trying to apply the Law of Attraction into your everyday success. The state of your career, bank account, social position is your up to now manifestation of your thinking, the Law of Attraction is not magic, but you are, you have that magic key to the destiny of your life.

LOA magic

You hold the magic, and this is not silly talk, think about your position now, your life in general, and then think about how you think ! Truthfully, there is no point in fooling yourself here, no one is listening to your answer except yourself, good, so by doing this, you may be getting my point. We truly are a product of our own thoughts, or in some cases the thoughts of what we have been led to believe…

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